French-language objects discussed in the paper

La nuit oubliée, Salva and Lambert (2011)

  • Webdocumentary marrying archival and fictional accounts of October 17, 1961 massacre in Paris
  • Contained entirely on Web platform
  • Interactive: user makes decisions about how to construct narrative from fragments given
  • Map of Paris: gives user new historical depth
  • Published by Le Monde

17.10.61, Raspouteam (2011)

  • Webdocumentary marrying Archival and fictional narratives about October 17, 1961 massacre
  • QR codes placed within city at time of release allowed city dwellers and visitors with no prior knowledge of the project to discover it

Prison Valley, Dufresne and Brault (2013)

  • Webdocumentary that allows player to discover life in “prison valley”: Cañon City, Colorado
  • Multiple award-winning Webdocumentary
  • Published by Arte

Ma première nuit à Paris, Fatcat Films (in production)

  • Funded by CNC grant
  • Multimedia/multiplatform focus on immigration
  • Locative app where one can access stories from within the city

Les Murs ont des voix, Book d’Oreille Studio (2013)

  • Locative app that takes user on a walking tour of abandoned warehouses of Compagnie de Fives-Lille
  • Based on printed fictional literature: Lucien Suel’s D’Azur et d’acier (2010)
  • Integrates INA videos and resources
  • Funded by CNC, supported by Pictanovo

Cinemacity, Small Bang Studio (2013)

  • Locative app with pre-set “routes”
  • Each waypoint corresponds to a film clip
  • Participatory in content creation: users can upload their own “balades”–films shot in multiple segments in different locations
  • Funded in part by CNC