Other Select French-language objects

Here, I have included some other works, impressive for their diversity, that I did not have time to discuss in the paper.

Phallaina, Marietta Ren (2016)


  • Initially only continuous scroll e-BD with parallax distributed via free app; creators called it a “bands défilée”
  • 2016: became part of a larger transmedia project through fresco erected at Angoulême festival, which took users on a locative tour of fresco, accompanied by a “geosituated soundtrack”
  • Funded by CNC and FranceTV’s “Nouvelles écritures” project

Code Barre


  • User can scan barcode of item or search and find short creative films
  • Published by Arte, Canada
  • Similar to–but more fictional than–Tales of Things

Fanfan 2: Quinze Ans Après, Alexandre Jardin (2011)

  • Multiplatform literature (printed text, app, social media, etc.)
  • Real-time unfolding of story
  • Story encourages action in “real world”
  • Readership community
  • Social media used to create immersive world (characters have pages and interact in real time with readers
  • Funded in part by Orange’s Transmedia Lab


  • User-generated “cartridges” = locative narratives (either factual or fictional)
  • Not necessarily only French or France; can be from any country, but Europe and North America highly represented