Trends in French-Language New Media

The following factors seem to indicate an imminent increase in French-language new media objects:

  • France’s Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC) now has specific funds (“Le Fonds Nouveaux Médias“) for new media objects. The funds are awarded to three project stages: writing, development, and production. See recent recipients here.
  • Most of France’s regions have associations for producers of new media. Some are more active and robust than others. Pictanovo (North), for instance, has an impressive catalog whose works have benefitted from CNC funding.
  • New/Transmedia Conferences are now well-established. For instance, the “I love Transmedia” Annual Conference was just held for the 5th time in 2016.
  • Studios and training programs on the rise: Transmedia Immersive University
  • To date, however, most new media objects are supported by large media and telecommunication companies (Arte, FranceTV’s “Nouvelles Écritures” Project, and Orange’s Transmedia Lab)

    There is still relatively little production in Francophone (extra-hexagonal) spaces. One program–Digital Lab Africa–exists to support projects made by African artists; however, the projects are supported through training in Europe. The recent recipients are overwhelmingly Anglophone, and “webseries”–rather than other types of new media narratives–are heavily favored.