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6 Essential Apps for Teaching with the iPad Pro The 6 Apps You Need for Teaching with the iPad Pro - Interested in teaching with an iPad Pro? Wondering what iPad Pro apps you’ll need? In this post, I review the 6 apps for teaching with the iPad Pro you’ll want to use regularly¬†to deliver presentations, create and annotate documents, and use the iPad Pro as a mobile whiteboard in your classroom.
iPad Pro- Hardware for the Classroom Essential Classroom Hardware for Teaching with The iPad Pro - The iPad Pro is superior to a laptop or desktop in the university classroom. In this post, I tell you what hardware you will need to teach with the iPad Pro.
iPad Pro in-depth review for professors and academics An In-Depth Review of the iPad Pro for Professors and Academics - When my computer bit the dust in 2016, I had come across some information on the iPad Pro, which seemed to suggest it had interesting potential in the college classroom. None of the reviews I consulted, though, spoke specifically about teaching with it in the college classroom, and none gave me information about how it …

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