Existing Research

I’ve worked on issues of race, ethnicity, and identity in contemporary France, primarily through immigration and racial and ethnic minority literature and popular music.

In this arena, I’ve published a book, Race on Display in 20th- and 21st-Century France, and three journal articles.

Where I’m Heading

My future research projects are evolving in two different directions. First, in a book-length project Afropea in the Airwaves, I will pick up where Race on Display left off, looking more closely at what I call the “intermedial” turn in Francophone Afropean literature. I am particularly interested in the materiality and intermediality of the textual form in works by Léonora Miano, Alain Mabanckou, Abd Al Malik, Insa Sané, Edgar Seklokoa, and Apkass. I’m also developing a related journal article on fatherhood in Afropean literature.

In the other project, I explore what I term “marginal monuments” of French colonialism. Each “monument”–defined broadly to include museums, buildings, ruins, plaques, and even digital creative work–is “marginal” in a different way: in the first half, I explore monuments such as the Bernehim Library or France’s Museum of Immigration that were physically displaced or overwritten. In the second half, I turn to monuments straddling the digital-analog divide through “Webdocumentaries,” new, and transmedia narratives, and interactive games.

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